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US: Trump advisers Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon are said to have tried to thwart Biden’s election victory.

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Trump’s former adviser says he tried to thwart Joe Biden’s election victory. Trump is said to have been informed of the plan.

Former White House official Peter Navarro says he and right-wing provocateur Steve Bannon were behind the January Capitol hurricane, according to Washington DC – The Daily Beast. In his recent memoir, Navarro, a former business adviser to former President Donald Trump, describes how he was in close contact with Bonan and followed a plan called Green Bay Sweep with him. They implemented the plan with the help of members of Congress. In an interview with The Daily Beast last week, Navarro revealed more about his role in working with and coordinating with politicians such as Senator Ted Cruz.

“We have spent a lot of time getting more than 100 members of Congress, including some senators. It started out perfect. At 1:00 pm, Kosher and Cruise did exactly what they expected, ”Navarro told The Daily Beast. “It’s a perfect plan. It’s all based on peace and quiet on Capitol Hill. We do not even need protesters because we have more than 100 Congressmen campaigning for us.

USA: Peter Navarro is said to have put pressure on Mike Pence

That commitment became clear when Congress confirmed the 2020 election college vote that it would show Joe Biden, Had defeated Trump. Senator Cruz Kosher signed the official objection to the Arizona state election vote count, which was supported by dozens of Trump loyalists. Cruise and kosher staff did not respond to requests for comment. Jan. 6, Senator Cruz or Rep. There is no public reference as to whether the panel requested testimony or documents from Kosar. But The Daily Beast reports that the group has only recently begun gathering evidence from other members of Congress, such as Rep. Jim Jordan and Scott Perry, who have been involved in the overall effort to keep Trump in the White House.

Navarro knew that maneuvering alone would not cancel the election. But he hoped it would buy time by increasing public pressure on then-Vice President Mike Pence to send votes to six controversial states where Republican-led lawmakers could try to overturn the decision. According to The Daily Beast, he believed that media coverage was needed to increase the pressure on Benz. Although the most reputable news organizations refuse to spread unproven conspiracy theories about widespread election fraud, the scheme forces journalists to report by delaying the certification process.

Trump strikes US capital: Trump “certainly engaged in strategy”

Asked if Trump was involved in the strategy, Navarro said, “I never spoke to him directly about it. But he was definitely involved in the strategy. Just listen to him talk that day. He was explained about the law and the mic [Pence] Had the power to do so. “The Green Bay Sweepstakes is very well thought out and is designed to broadcast 24-hour listening shows on television.

In fact, John Eastman, Trump’s legal adviser, wrote a note on how Trump could carry out a coup. Trump made the plan clear in his Jan. 6 speech, saying, “I hope Mike will do the right thing. , “Brutus is most responsible for President Trump’s final betrayal.”

Attack on US Capitol: It’s Navarro’s Role

He said in an interview on Thursday (23/12/2021) that Navarro’s role in the project is to provide raw materials. It came in the form of a three-part White House report on his final weeks in the Trump administration, entitled “The Immaculate Deception” and “The Art of the Steel”. “My job was to provide evidence for 100 or more congressmen to present their cases … based on the evidence I have collected,” he told The Daily Beast. “To create a legal basis for the actions to be taken.”

The next phase of the project was in Panan’s hands, Navarro describes in his memoir. “Steve Bannon’s job was to figure out how to use this information – what he called ‘receipts’ – to change the outcome of the election. That’s how Steve came up with the ‘Green Bay Sweep’,” he writes. Each of the two appeals would take up to two hours per state, and for the six competing states, twenty-four hours would be heard on national television in two chambers of Congress.

USA: Peter Navarro in contact with Steve Bonan

His book says that when he woke up on the morning of January 6, the first person he contacted was Panon, and he said, “I’m checking my news and I’m glad Steve Panon has fully prepared us for that. Sweep our Green Bay on Capitol Hill. Call the play. Enable play. “(Ares Abashi)