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US state of Georgia: Maybe the scales have tipped again

Status: 11/12/2022 03:56 am

In the US, the deadlock over control of Congress continues after the midterm elections. While the Senate race in Nevada is still being counted, it is clear that Georgia will have a runoff election in December.

By Nina Barth, ARD Studio Washington

“Lord, we trust you to keep our votes for Senator Warnock,” prays a group of Democrats in Atlanta. Many black supporters of Democrat Raphael Warnock worry that Republican Herschel Walker may win the Senate race in Georgia. .

Nina Bart
ARD Studio Washington

Many fear that racism will increase if House and Senate majorities go to Republicans. Like Warnock, Walker is African American. But the difference, Warnock supporter Lawrence explains, is that Warnock stands for democracy and is a candidate for everyone in Georgia, not just one ethnic group.

Anger at ex-football star Walker

Joy resents Herschel Walker for allowing her to become a Republican soldier as a black man. “He’s like a puppy, like a clown, he’s not even human enough to be a senator,” Joy believes.

Former football star Herschel Walker made headlines because — as an outspoken opponent of abortion during the election campaign — he urged two women to have abortions. He denies it. He is undeniably a supporter of former President Donald Trump, and he has support.

That’s the problem, says Reginald Jackson. He is the bishop of over 500 black Methodist churches in Georgia. Jackson also insists he supported Republicans. But not this time. Bishop cares about democracy — and candidates like Walker. “He and many Republicans in the country have made it very clear that their loyalty is to Trump, not to the country, not to the Constitution. That’s dangerous,” Bishop said.

Second phase of election on December 6

Corey Ruth, on the other hand, is a Republican. The Atlanta businessman doesn’t understand all the talk about threats to democracy: “I want people to stop pretending that the world’s oldest democracy is in danger because someone doubts the election results,” Ruth explains. He will again vote for Herschel Walker in a runoff. A Democratic senator from Georgia is enough, and the Republican voice from Georgia must be heard in the Senate.

After the 2020 elections, a by-election will be decided on December 6. After decades of Georgia voting Republican, both Senate seats went to Democrats in runoffs. A seat this time.. Georgia will determine whether Democrats retain their razor-thin majority if the Republican nominee wins the still-open Nevada race.