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US Senator Sinema leaves the Democrats

The majority change

US Senator Sinema leaves the Democrats

US Senator Kirsten Sinema has announced her withdrawal from the Democratic Party and plans to become an independent politician in the near future. That could change the majority in the parliamentary chamber.

Kirsten Sinema is a state senator from Arizona.

The 46-year-old wrote in an opinion piece for the Arizona Republic from her home state on Friday that the party’s policies focus too much on hurting the other side rather than doing work for American citizens. “So I join the growing number of people in Arizona who reject partisan politics in declaring my independence from the broken party system in Washington.”

It was not clear at first how much the electoral behavior of the centrist Cinema, who has repeatedly blocked legislative projects by Democrats in the past, could change. But, she told Politico, “nothing about my values ​​and my behavior will change.” With Bernie Sanders and Angus King, there are already two independents in the Senate, however, they usually vote with the Democrats and are therefore credited with them.