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US Representative Gates recognizes the methods of the Republican hostages in the debt dispute

US Representative Gates recognizes the methods of the Republican hostages in the debt dispute

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from: Joanna Sol

Democrats accuse Republicans of “holding the economy hostage” in the debt dispute. Now MAGA Rep. Matt Gaetz concedes something to that effect.

WASHINGTON, DC – The US’s ruling Democrats are locked in a bitter feud with opposition Republicans over raising the debt ceiling. According to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, if the debt limit is not raised, bankruptcy will be imminent on June 1 – with dire consequences for the United States and the global economy. The cause of the conflict is the far-right faction of House Republicans, the Freedom Caucus. Its members will agree to a new debt limit only if drastic spending cuts are made in return.

Many Democrats, including US President Joe Biden, have repeatedly accused Republicans of “holding the US economy hostage” in order to advance their right-wing libertarian agenda. This provides for a sharp cut in social spending and the cancellation of the Democrats’ planned climate investments. Instead, Republicans want fossil fuels to be mined more easily in the United States. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the Freedom Caucus, has now publicly acknowledged the existence of a hostage situation.

“My fellow conservatives are mostly supportive of Limit, Preserve, and Expand and don’t feel we have to negotiate with the hostage,” Gates told a journalist at the news site. Signal. Reduce, Save, Grow is a law passed by House Republicans. It contains the conditions under which they are willing to raise the debt ceiling.

Gates and other far-right Republicans also held Kevin McCarthy hostage

It is not clear who exactly Gates means by “our hostage.” But the far-right Trump fan apparently assumed he and other Republicans were being held hostage, whether it be Biden, the government or the US economy. “I want to make clear what the Republican Party is holding hostage,” said left-wing Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. CNN. “Not the Democrats. It’s the entire American economy. This is extreme and unacceptable.”

Far-right Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on US debt dispute with Democrats: ‘We must negotiate with our hostage’ © IMAGO / Julia Nikhinson

But Matt Gaetz could also have meant another hostage: Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Speaker of the House. “I think one person’s suggestion to impeach us has given us the best version of Speaker McCarthy, and I think he’s doing a good job.” McCarthy needed fifteen ballots to win the presidency in January, including Trump, because the Freedom Causus deemed him too moderate. One of their conditions: Even a single member of the Republican faction can submit a motion to impeach the president. This also holds McCarthy hostage to Gaetz and his fellow far-right. Follow Favorite