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US referee after corruption: FIFA collects $ 201 million in compensation

US referee after corruption: FIFA collects $ 201 million in compensation

American rule after corruption
FIFA raises $201 million in compensation

FIFA is a victim of corruption – says the US attorney general. At the end of many years of investigations and negotiations, FIFA received more than $200 million in compensation. Corrupt officials have to “pay” for it.

The Attorney General of the United States of America awarded FIFA and other parties a colossal compensation of $201 million (€171 million). This was announced by FIFA. The money flowing into the FIFA Foundation is intended to offset losses incurred by FIFA and the confederations CONCACAF (North/Central America and the Caribbean) and CONMEBOL (South America) as a result of criminal offences.

According to FIFA, the money “was confiscated from the bank accounts of former officials involved in years of bribery schemes in football and prosecuted for doing so”. The money will go to the new “Global Football Compensation Fund”, which will be used to fund football-related projects for the benefit of communities around the world.

“I am pleased that this illegally diverted football money is returning to its rightful destination, as it should have been from the beginning,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who thanked the US judicial authorities. Able to radically reform the infamous federation and establish FIFA as a highly valued and trustworthy global sports organisation. Fortunately, this unfortunate chapter is now behind us.” However, experts see no fundamental change in the culture of the billion-dollar association.

Under the leadership of then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the US Department of Justice investigated the scandal surrounding the World Federation against several football officials, and since the beginning of the case in 2015, there have been charges against more than 40 people and many convictions. in the United States of America. As a result, then-FIFA President Sepp Blatter was suspended and succeeded by Infantino, the former UEFA General Secretary. Even against the new man at the top of FIFA, there was and still is the suspicion of unclean business.