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US President Biden is insulted on television – and admits – in politics

US President Joe Biden was insulted by an invitee at a traditional Christmas event on Christmas Eve. Biden, along with his wife, Jill, took calls from children and their parents at the White House, known as “Santa Claus Radar,” asking about the current state of Santa Claus. One father said goodbye with the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” (i.e., “Let Brandon go”). Surprisingly, Biden replied to the caller, “Brendan can go, I agree.” (“Let’s go, Brandon, I agree.”) It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This sentence is actually used by some conservatives and supporters of former US President Donald Trump to insult the current US president. It goes to a NASCAR car race in October. In an interview with race winner Brandon Brown, the TV reporter mentioned slogans from the stand in the background: “You can hear the slogans from the crowd,” Brandon, go! ” Became a symbol of contempt for the president.

The so-called Santa Tracker has been around for decades. Volunteers operated the North American Air and Space Defense Command (NORAD) service, which monitored “Santa Claus” aircraft around the world on radar screens. Traditionally, the respective presidential family helps to answer many – often polite and loving – calls. You can also follow the snowmobile carrying gifts online.