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US Presidency for a Year - Joe Biden Fights Bad Mood - News

US Presidency for a Year – Joe Biden Fights Bad Mood – News


On January 20, 2021, people in Washington breathed an almost audible sigh of relief—on a cold winter’s day as Donald Trump left town. Left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders wore wool gloves to the inauguration of Joe Biden.

He sat patiently on the steps of the Capitol, where die-hard Trump fans stormed the stairs just two weeks earlier. Joe Biden has vowed to bring the country out of darkness, defeat the pandemic, boost the economy and save democracy. Applause tears of joy.

Now rule the blues

A year later, the Blues ruled among the Democrats. Only 42% of those surveyed are satisfied with Joe Biden’s leadership. The decline in popularity came last summer when US forces left Afghanistan and the delta type of coronavirus began to spread. Since then, the numbers have remained at a low level.

And that does not bode well for Democrats in this year’s midterm elections, when the president’s poll numbers are a determining factor in whether the ruling party is victorious or defeated. “I don’t believe in opinion polls,” Biden said Wednesday at his first-year press conference. But this can hardly calm the democratic spirit.

what happened?

Democratic political advisors love to discuss force majeure. Omicron came at a stupid moment. The new wave of the epidemic has fueled inflation.

Many reforms have been stalled by the slim majority of Democrats in the US Congress. Ironically, on the anniversary of Joe Biden’s inauguration, electoral reform, which was so important to Democrats, failed.

Two Democrats refused to repeal the stall rule and voted with Republicans against it. In light of the defeats, it is completely forgotten that Joe Biden had successes to show for himself. So he got two historic spending packages through Congress, Covid relief and infrastructure cleanup.

Infighting between Democrats

Unfortunately, that was some time ago in the crowded political world, and the democratic machinery has been swaying ever since. Biden’s social spending package, which Biden prepared, for rebuilding, has been stuck in the Senate for months. Instead of getting this essential part of the president’s agenda, Democrats are fighting bitter factional battles.

Time and time again the president is caught in the firing line. Sometimes leftists on MSNBC stab him in the back, sometimes Joe Manchin on Fox News. Joe Biden wants to please everyone and ends up pissing everyone off. It’s not the unifying role he hoped for when he started his term.

If Democrats do not meet soon, they will lose control of the House of Representatives and threaten Biden’s presidency. The media pounces on feuding Democrats, while Republicans watch, wringing their hands.

Isabella Jacobi

US reporter, SRF

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After studying in the USA and in Bern, Jacobi worked for SRF Radio from 1999 to 2005. Then she worked in New York as a freelance journalist. In 2008, she returned to SRF as Producer on Echo der Zeit and became Editor-in-Chief in 2012. Jacoby has been the US correspondent in Washington since the summer of 2017.