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US police find five fetuses in anti-abortion activist's home

US police find five fetuses in anti-abortion activist’s home

Shock discovery in the USA: A well-known anti-abortion opponent hid five fetuses in her basement. Now she has to answer in court.

The basics in brief

  • Five fetuses found in an anti-abortion home
  • It is still not clear where the activist got this from.
  • However, she is arrested and has to answer in court.

28-year-old American Lauren Handy is almost a celebrity among anti-abortionists. She regularly participates in protests and leads the activist group PAAU (Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising).

A police search of her home this week revealed something shocking: the authorities I found five embryos After a report on “Potentially Hazardous Biological Substance”.

‘People will be freaked out’

“WUSA9” local news channel reporter shares a photo against abortion She is sitting on the floor in front of her house. write about it TwitterWhen he asked her what the police had found, she only replied, “People will freak out when they hear about it.”

Meanwhile, police officers carried items in plastic bags and freezers from the basement of the house. Then Handy was arrested, and it remains unclear how she obtained the embryos.

Several charges have been brought against an opponent of abortion

However, another charge has now been opened against the 28-year-old. It is said that she will be with eight other people in October 2020 Abortion clinic they stormed. She pushed a clinic employee out of the way, injuring her ankle.

She is also accused of denying patients access to the medical facility and threatening staff. Both are against federal law in the United States. If Handy and the other members of her group are convicted, they each face up to 11 years in prison. They may also face a fine of up to $350,000dollar to receive.

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