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US in Iran nuclear talks: So far nothing agreed

Nuclear talks between the United States and Iran are still ongoing. One negotiator says it goes to seventh after the sixth round.

Brief essentials

  • The United States and Iran are in talks over a nuclear deal.
  • It is also about lifting US sanctions against Iran.
  • So far, 1040 approval points are not on the table.

U.S. negotiators on nuclear talks with Iran have insisted that no agreements have been reached so far in the talks. “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed,” a senior U.S. State Department official said Thursday In Washington.

The sixth round of talks is over, and the seventh round is imminent. He emphasized that there were still “serious differences”. However, the US side will not return to the negotiating table unless a solution to the open questions is at least possible.

The Americans were responding to recent reports from the Iranian side on Wednesday that they had made significant progress in lifting US sanctions.

Progress in negotiations

40 1040 Approval points are not in the table In connection with oil exports, Banking and shipping, ”said Mahmoud Wesi, head of the president’s office, according to ISNA. It’s not just about technology, it’s also about political barriers. This includes punitive actions against the office and staff of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Chamani.

However, a US government official said on Thursday that there would be no preliminary agreement at any stage until a consensus was reached. He did not want to comment on the details of the talks, but at the same time stressed that the talks could not go on forever.

The United States was under the then president in 2018 Donald Trump It has pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran and is gradually imposing massive sanctions on the country. In response, Iran gradually abandoned its obligations. For several weeks now, efforts have been made in Vienna for both sides to return to the nuclear deal.

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