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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

US imposes sanctions on pro-North Korea Russians

As a result of the sanctions, any potential property of affected individuals and businesses in the United States will be frozen. US citizens and companies are prohibited from doing business with or providing financial support to them. The Ministry of Finance has warned that anyone who continues to do business with the Russians or the three companies may be subject to sanctions themselves. Foreign banks that deliberately facilitate transactions can be excluded from the US financial system.

Sanctions sometimes have far-reaching consequences for those affected — even if they do not have assets or businesses in the United States. It makes many international transactions difficult for affected people and companies because Western banks and companies do not want to risk violating US sanctions.

The US government said Thursday that North Korea’s latest missile tests were linked to Pyongyang’s work on a new intercontinental ballistic missile system. North Korea has developed missiles of various ranges that can also carry a nuclear warhead for years.

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