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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

US imposes sanctions on North Koreans for missile tests

US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield wrote on Twitter that the US would propose new UN sanctions over North Korea’s six ballistic missile tests since September 2021. She accused Pyongyang of violating UN Security Council resolutions by firing the missiles. For years, North Korea has been primarily promoting the development of missiles that can be equipped with nuclear warheads. Therefore, it is subject to severe international sanctions.

According to the ministry, the new US sanctions are directed against five North Koreans who worked in Russia or China in North Korea’s “Second Academy of Sciences” or their affiliate organizations. The academy has been on the US sanctions list since 2010 for its support of the country’s weapons programs.

In addition, according to the information, sanctions were imposed on another North Korean, as well as on a Russian citizen and a Russian company. They said they contributed to the transfer of weapons of mass destruction through North Korea.

The last time North Korea tested a missile was on Tuesday. According to their own statements, a hypersonic missile was tested. With these weapons, a hypersonic glider can launch a ballistic missile. Hypersonic weapons are difficult to intercept due to their high speed.

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