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US Capitol stormed - top Republican McCarthy doesn't want to comment on attack - News

US Capitol stormed – top Republican McCarthy doesn’t want to comment on attack – News

  • US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy does not want to be questioned by the committee investigating the storming of the Capitol a year ago.
  • McCarthy wrote in a letter calling the commission’s investigation illegitimate.
  • The committee wanted to question McCarthy because he spoke directly to then-President Donald Trump during the January 6, 2021 attack.

And Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, had rejected Republican members he had named to the body in an unprecedented way, McCarthy said. He added that the commission’s sole objective was to harm its political opponents.


Kevin McCarthy is the Republican minority leader in the US House of Representatives.


In addition to his conversation with Trump, McCarthy had been in close contact with his chief of staff Mark Meadows in previous days, and the House committee had justified its interest in questioning McCarthy. McCarthy can also provide insight into Trump’s mood and plans after the attack. The committee did not summon McCarthy, but did ask him to volunteer to collaborate.

A loyal follower of Trump

Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in Washington to prevent the confirmation of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the elections. The January 6 attack last year killed five people and injured dozens. The attack on the heart of American democracy shook the country. Trump still does not acknowledge his electoral defeat.

I have decided not to participate in this special commission’s abuse of power.

“As a Representative and Spokesperson for the Minority Party, I have not decided, with regret or complacency, not to participate in the abuse of power by this Special Committee that pollutes this institution today and will harm it in the future,” McCarthy said. I continued. He is considered a loyal follower of Trump – however, immediately after the attack, he was also one of the few in his camp to publicly criticize him. McCarthy said he also called Trump during the storming of the Capitol with force and asked him to persuade his supporters to return.