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US Australian stop on the way to Canada

“Have you had an abortion?”

US immigration control harassed Australian

An Australian actually wanted to go to Canada, but got stuck at an airport in the USA. In the end it was returned. Didn’t do anything wrong though.

Publication date: 3:05 pm


Updated: 17 minutes ago

Short stop in the US and then straight to Canada. This is Madeline Gurley’s plan (32). But things went differently – completely differently. It was stopped at the border that entered the United States on June 30.

Fingerprints were taken and she was asked about her motives for the trip such as «Parents“mentioned. Until then, normal check. The 32-year-old also answered officers’ questions, explaining that she wanted to stay in Canada for a month. Then he should return to Brisbane, Australia. Then came a question that Gurley hadn’t expected. She was asked if she had a miscarriage recently?