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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

US and Europe warn of escalation over Iran’s nuclear program

The four countries announced that the United States is ready to return to the agreement and abide by it “unconditionally.” It added that it would also allow sanctions to be lifted, which would feed Iran’s faltering economy. This will only be possible if Iran changes its course.” She said Iran’s current course jeopardizes the possibility of returning to the nuclear deal.

Iran wants to resume nuclear negotiations in Vienna in November. Talks that had been underway since April to restore the 2015 nuclear deal were suspended after Iran’s presidential election in June and the subsequent change of government. The background of the talks is that the United States under former President Donald Trump unilaterally adopted the agreement in 2018 and decided several new sanctions against Iran. As a result, Tehran began to expand its nuclear program again. The remaining contracting parties in the Vienna talks seek to revive the agreement. The purpose of the agreement was to prevent the building of Iranian nuclear weapons.

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