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Urs Rohner takes the position of advisor

Urs Rohner takes the position of advisor

Urs Rohner got a profitable consultant position. The former Credit Suisse Chairman was a member of Investcorp’s advisory board.

Urs Runner He was a member of the international advisory board of the investment company Investcorp in the Gulf Emirate of Bahrain since the beginning of July, as in Message from this week call.

Ex-banker at a shiny company. Other well-known personalities from politics and business are also represented on the committee. For example, the former Austrian chancellor Wolfgang bowlFormer Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs Anna Palacio Or the star Egyptian-American investor? Mohammed Al-Arian.

Rohner was Chairman of the Credit Suisse Board of Directors for ten years and took office in the spring Antonio Horta Osorio Delivery. After leaving the company, Rohner founded a consulting firm in Zurich. He is also on the board of the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.

Investcorp Bank is active all over the world in the field of private equity and other investments, and according to its own information, it manages assets of about $35 billion.

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