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Update 13 release date and patch notes are available

Update 13 release date and patch notes are available

From Norman Wittkoff
The developers of Anno 1800 have published the changelog for the upcoming game update 13 on the game’s official website.

At the end of last month, developer studio Ubisoft Mainz already got the 13th major update with “quality of life improvements” and bug fixes for Anno 1800 on December 14th. Presented in promising And that date has now been confirmed again with the addition of time: at 6pm on the Tuesday in question, the 2.5GB patch will begin downloading.

The changelog on the official website is quite extensive and the names, in addition to general improvements, areas of balancing, gameplay, user interface, multiplayer mode, missions, visuals, audio as well as translation and text as points will be addressed with the game update 13.

These are the major innovations

In addition to improvements and bug fixes, notable features include the previously announced “Color Paint” support in Cosmetics Beauty (for a fee), the second skin pack for the Anno 1800. And the third and final “CDLC” of the year. The theme for the game’s small additional content was chosen by the Anno community as part of a vote, along with the Pedestrian Zone Pack published in September.

Other special features include cosmetic DLC “planting a tree” support as well as a new free scenario called “Eden at the End”, based on participation in an external “Green Game Jam” developer competition, which is all about more sustainability: here in contrast to the game’s industrial settings It is about building an eco-friendly city, where the negative influences from pollution and partners should affect the gameplay accordingly. There is also a Skin Paint Tool to make it easier to switch between different building shapes. All changes made by the update can be found On the official website.

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