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up to 43 degrees.  Will the Spanish heat wave reach Switzerland soon?

up to 43 degrees. Will the Spanish heat wave reach Switzerland soon?

Swiss weather flash

What will the weather be like in Switzerland in the next 24 hours? Here you are informed of everything important!

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The temperature will reach 43 degrees in Spain today: a heat wave is sweeping southwest Europe. Forecasts indicate that the heat may soon reach Switzerland.

Hot air from North Africa made Spain the first big heat wave of the year. The Aemet weather service announced that the weather will be particularly hot in the center and southwest of the country. Up to 43°C can be expected in Seville, Cordoba and Badajoz. This is well above average temperatures in early June.

In the capital Madrid the temperature can be 38 degrees and in Barcelona 32 degrees. According to Emmett, the heat wave should last until at least Wednesday.

A woman sunbathes in a Madrid park on this hot Sunday while others prefer to seek shelter from the heat in the shade. European Patent Office / Shima Moya

Foundation Stone / Ebo / Shima Moya

According to forecasts, the temperature will exceed 35 degrees next Saturday

In Switzerland, the weather is not summer: Meteonews expects temperatures between 28 and 31 degrees in the afternoon.

But will the Spanish heat wave soon reach Switzerland? If you believe the ECMWF forecast, it could be around 35 degrees next Saturday. However, it is uncertain whether these predictions will actually come true, Meteonews wrote on Twitter.

First good news for all heat haters: Tonight and the next morning, a cold front is moving across Switzerland, bringing with it rain and more pleasant temperatures. However, there will likely only be a short break: According to Meteonews, the clouds should disappear again in the afternoon and temperatures should rise to 26 degrees.