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Unvaccinated Djokovic attacks US authorities for ‘illogical’ ruling

Djokovic criticizes foreign rule: Novak Djokovic considers it “illogical” to allow unvaccinated Americans to play in the US Open, but non-vaccinated players from outside the United States are not allowed.

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Sandgren supports Djokovic: Tennys Sandgren, who is also not immune, is allowed to participate in the Grand Slam tournament because he is American. “I texted Tennys Sandgren a few days ago,” Djokovic majors“I wanted to thank him for the general support he had given me in this case.”

Djokovic suspected of political message: Sandgren campaigned to allow all players to start at the US Open. “I don’t see the medical logic behind Tennys being able to play because he’s a US citizen and I’m not. If I had a US passport or a green card, I could play. There was probably a political logic behind it – at least not a medical one.” Djokovic already missed the Australian Open Open because the Australians kicked him out of the country because he wasn’t vaccinated.