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Unusual sports projects in the USA

Birmingham, Alabama, will host the World Games in July. Competitors from more than 100 countries compete in 34 of the fastest growing sports disciplines such as rock climbing, lacrosse, bowling, kayaking, skydiving and water skiing. But even those who do not participate in the World Games can engage in unusual sporting activities in many places in the USA. We present a few of them.

Kayaking with dolphins in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

The Caribbean Dream Islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John in the Gulf of Mexico invite visitors into a wonderful natural setting to discover centuries of cultural wealth and forget the rest of the world in a relaxed atmosphere. If you not only want to lie in the sun or splash around here in the US Virgin Islands, but you also like to exercise, you can go kayaking, among other things. Special Feature: Dolphins are present. Canoe boats in crystal clear waters where bottlenose dolphins swim a few inches away. there is something!

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Push the ball into the oldest bowling alley in the world

When people talk about “strikes” and “spare parts” in the United States, whoever knows it knows it: it’s bowling. Immigrants from Holland and Germany “exported” bowling to the USA in the 19th century, but over time the American alternative to bowling prevailed. Corresponding sports facilities can be found in many places in the USA. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, travelers will find a very special bowling alley: the oldest in the USA. Howler House It is the name of the train. The two original boardwalks offer the same bowling experience as a century ago. It’s old school here: the score is handwritten, and signatures of generations of bowlers adorn the brick lane wall.

bowling person

David Janas

Roller skating on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Los Angeles

Figure skating is very popular in the United States. Especially in areas where it is warm all year round, you can often see hordes of roller skaters roaming the area. Same thing in Los Angeles. Of course, Beach Street is perfect for this. More specifically, the ones in Venice Beach. The Venice Beach Boardwalk is more than two miles long and is home to many high-end street vendors and performers that you can enjoy as you drive. To cool off after skiing, take a dip in the Pacific Ocean or sip a delicious cocktail at one of the beach bars waiting for you.

Surfers in front of spectators on Venice Beach in Los Angeles

Travis Yoel

Climbing at Robbers Cave Park in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the US states that few European travelers visit. However, those who climb should keep an eye on the condition. Because here are some of the best rock climbing and abseiling spots in the country. More precisely, slopes Thieves park how public. Nestled in the San Bois Mountains, Robbers Cave and its surrounding slopes are made of strongly pressed sandstone and shale. The cliffs and boulders have made the park a popular spot for rock climbers and hikers. Those who don’t like rock climbing can explore the scenic lakes adjacent to the idyllic lakes called Carlton Lake, Wayne Wallace Lake, and Cone Creek Lake.

man climbing

Patrick Hendry

Breakdancing in the Bronx, New York

Breakdance was the last “sexy bullshit” in New York in the 1970s. The high-energy dance originated in the Bronx, the home of hip-hop music and the heart of New York’s street culture. For would-be retirees, there is no better place in the world to experience more breakdancing. From DJs to MCs to b-boys and graffiti artists, breakdancing has a vibrant 40-year history in the Bronx, inspiring even non-dancers to get moving. After that, you can visit Yankee Stadium, which is located close to you.

Breakdancer with a friend in New York

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Skydiving over the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are just an hour-and-a-half drive from New York – and thus ideally located for anyone who needs a short break from the bustling city. The beautiful area is an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiasts and a natural paradise for hikers, water sports enthusiasts, mountain bikers and skydivers. If you’re jumping out of a plane with your pulse racing, you can also glide over treetops or scream across the Appalachian Mountain Coaster.

Skydiving in Pennsylvania

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Guide through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia

Routing – Have you ever heard of it? This is a sport that combines racing and navigation. In a concrete sense, this means that participants in this sport have to pass several checkpoints that must be found with the help of a map and compass. And as quickly as possible! Those who don’t want to compete but still want to enjoy in stunning surroundings should check out the Chattahoochee National Forest Trails Trails in Georgia. Just an hour’s drive from Atlanta, the forest is an ideal place not only for hikers but also for foodies, as classic American and Southern cuisine is served throughout the park.

Orientation in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia

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Nature’s work with Longhorns in Texas

Only about 90 minutes from Dallas Wild Cater Ranch Stunning views of the historic Brazos River in the heart of the North Texas Hill Country. Here visitors can explore Texas wildlife with activities such as horseback riding, archery, skeet shooting, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, and hiking. But a trip by covered wagon or jeep to Longhorns is also on the programme. In addition to being a breed of cattle known for its distinctive horns, the Texan Longhorn is the official state symbol of Texas and is the animal of the same name and the prophetic animal of many gyms, dance groups, and more.

Long centuries in the meadow

Vivian Arsidikonou

Archery on a farm in Colorado

Archery is one of the sports featured in the World Games and is also an activity that can be easily tried on vacation. The Elk Mountain Farm It overlooks the Arkansas Valley in Colorado and is considered one of the most beautiful farms in the United States. Here you can feel like a cowboy in shooting courses and shooting ranges. Other action-packed offerings on the farm include skeet shooting, whitewater rafting, fishing, and horseback riding. After a day of bullseye, guests can join the dance floor around the campfire. Or just sit back and enjoy the view of the starry sky.

shooting kids

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Surfing on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire

Meredith is a charming little town located in Lake Winnipesaukee, the largest lake in New Hampshire. The small town is distinguished by its charming landscape, interesting architecture and beautiful lake view. The buildings on the beach and the islands in the lake can be explored in complete comfort on the MS Mount Washington excursion boat or the Sophie C mail boat. But action enthusiasts get their money, too, because the water skiing is great here. Visitors who prefer to stay dry can explore the 50,000-year-old granite caves at Rumney’s Polar Caves Park.

Young man surfing in the lake

Ethan Walswer