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Unterhaching needs more space for football

Unterhaching needs more space for football

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Due to the presence of many youth teams, there is an increasing lack of space in Fortuna and SpVgg. © Brozek

Things are getting tight on the football pitches in Unterhaching, and the youth teams of the two local clubs need more space. The Greens therefore propose a “round table”.

Unterhaching – With SpVgg, whose professionals play in the third league, and Fortuna, there are two football clubs in Unterhaching. But are there enough football fields available for the two clubs, given the presence of so many youth teams? “No,” said city council spokesman Simon Hötzel when asked by Münchner Merkur. “Because of the pandemic and because of the creation of more and more girl groups, the pressures have increased.” The Green Party has now proposed a ‘football round table’ in the local council.

There was clearly a lack of space for a youth match recently, even though the pitch in Gronau was not in use at the time. Against this background, Effie Karbaumer, leader of the Green Party parliamentary group, requested “an estimate of what the future use of the spaces will be for Fortuna and the Gaming Association and whether the needs will be met.” The Greens demand that these six questions be answered in detail:

  • Which football pitches are intended for whom and when: artificial turf pitches, hybrid turf pitches, grass pitches, indoor pitches? . Who is responsible for allocating training locations and times?
  • On what occasions agreed times cannot be adhered to at the Fortuna training grounds?
  • How many children, young people or adults in Unterhaching are looked after by Fortuna and the Games Association (in percentage)?
  • The Gaming Association has expanded its recreational sports division. What are the future plans here and what does this mean for venue allocation? . Fortuna plays elementary and middle school auditoriums in the winter. According to them, they need more time in the hall in the winter. Is this possible?

According to Simon Hötzel, more football fields are needed. There is already a suitable location: the former tennis courts of TC Unterhaching on Ottobrunner Strasse – the club fell out with the owners and had to vacate the area in the fall of 2018; An area of ​​22,000 square meters has been unused for five years. In the land use plan, the property adjacent to the cemetery is designated as a “sports area,” “that way we document our planning intent,” says Hötzel. What’s missing is the approval of the owner’s family.

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