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Unrest in the Solomon Islands: Australia sends security forces

Following the unrest in the Solomon Islands, Australia sent security forces. Unrest is against the state.

Briefly essentials

  • Riots broke out in the Solomon Islands.
  • The government there asked for police assistance in Australia.
  • Prior to this, the Hon’ble government broke with Taiwan and allied with China.

Australia is sending security forces to control it Unrest in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. Australian members Federal Police The Foreign Ministry announced that the AFP and diplomats had been sent to the archipelago on Thursday.

So the security forces should follow suit in the coming days. At the request of the Solomon Islands they will help keep the country safe. This is how he became the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison Cited by AAP News Agency.

The Solomon Islands support China

There have been protests against them for the last few days Government For riots. People feel from Government The “Solomon Times” newspaper reported that he was ignored and frustrated. Foreign policy also played a role: the small island state in the South Seas participated in 2019 Taiwan breaks down and replaces diplomatic relations With Includes People’s Republic of China. This decision led to domestic political tensions on the island, and in the context of investment.

Despite the 36-hour lockout imposed by Prime Minister Manasseh Chowdhury as a result of the riots, protesters looted and burned shops; It continued. Sadly, he refused to resign in a statement.

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