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Im Rückspiel am 14. November behielt der SV Todesfelde beim 2:1 knapp die Oberhand. Hier duellieren sich Jan-Malte Basse und Niklas Stehnck.

Unplayable Place – House rights exchange between SV Todesfelde and TSV Pansdorf

Next Saturday, TSV Pansdorf will hold the last test before the start of the second half of the season. However, since the stadium in Todesfelde is not playable due to the weather, teams switch to artificial turf in Pansdorf. Departure time remains at 2 pm.


For Ostholsteiner, this is the rehearsal before the points are on the line again at PSV Neumünster on February 26 at 2pm. “There is a strong opponent waiting for us there, who has not yet fulfilled his potential, but has tremendous quality,” said coach Pansdorf Helge Thomsen Before. “Todesfelde as an endurance test in the beginning, so it is very convenient for us. It is great that the test is taken to Bansdorf on such short notice,” continued Thomsen.

In the second half of the season, the two league contenders no longer met each other. The home and away matches have already been played. In Pansdorf, TSV surprisingly won 2-1, and SVT won the second leg in front of its home crowd with the same score. While tomorrow’s duel is Pansdorfer’s last test, Blue and Yellow will play again next Tuesday night (7.30 pm) against SC Rönnau. The match will be played on the artificial turf of the Eintracht-Arena in Bad Siegburg.