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Unlimited storage no longer exists

Unlimited storage no longer exists

Google Photos and Drive no longer have unlimited storage. What does this mean for users with large amounts of data?

The basics are in brief

  • The maximum storage in Google Photos and Drive leads is 15 GB with immediate effect.
  • This means that the data that has already been downloaded will not be lost.
  • However, if you want to upload additional data or images, you have to pay.

Google announced last year that users of Photos and Drive services won’t be able to use them soon To unlimited storage space for you data to fall back. Since yesterday, Tuesday, the 1st of June, the time has come.

What is Google Photos It is a very popular tool for taking photos and videos from smart phone in the cloud. The popularity wasn’t just because of the job. The service has attracted many users precisely because the storage space was unlimited until recently.

However, if you want to save your photos uncompressed, you will have to prepay 15 GB of photos.

Google Photos and Drive are limited to 15GB

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, your free storage — no matter what type — will be limited to 15GB. This also includes files stored on Google Drive.

But users do not have to change the previous data Fear: Files uploaded by June 1st are excluded from this rule and do not count. 15 GB of free storage is only valid for new photos, videos, and more data.

So the change should primarily affect people who automatically upload photos and videos. In order to use memory efficiently, Google . has released a toolWhich can help get rid of germs.

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