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Unlimited Storage expires tomorrow, Tuesday

Unlimited Storage expires tomorrow, Tuesday

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Google Photos and Drive will have unlimited storage space. But users with a lot of files need not worry.

The basics are in brief

  • On June 1, Google introduced a storage limit of 15 GB for photos and drives.
  • This does not apply to preloaded files.
  • If you need more storage in the morning, you will be prompted to pay.

Last year, Google announced that it would use its Photos and Drive services You are no longer unlimited storage space To view. This deadline will be reached tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1.

Google Photos is a very popular tool to get pictures and videos from it smart phone In a cloud. Just because the memory was previously unlimited. At least that was the case for compressed images. So far, users had 15 GB available for uncompressed photos before they had to pay.

Google Photos and Drive is limited to 15GB

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, free storage – regardless of type – will be limited to 15GB. This also includes files stored in Google Drive.

But users do not have to change the previous one data Fear: Files uploaded by June 1st are excluded from this rule and not counted. 15 GB of free storage space is only valid for new photos, videos, and more data.

So the change should primarily affect people who upload photos and videos automatically. In order to use memory efficiently, Google has Released toolWhich can help get rid of germs.

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