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United States: Birth rate drops to record low

The number of newborns is in 2020 United States At least all the time. The government said it came from January to December Washington 3.6 million babies were born. According to the New York Times, this is four percent less than the previous year (see full report Here).

Fewer children were born last in 1979 – in absolute numbers. However, the overall U.S. population has grown significantly over the past four decades, as has the number of women giving birth. In other words, the decline in the birth rate is even more pronounced. “Birth rates are lower than ever before,” quoted New York Times statistician Kenneth Jones as saying.

Strong effect nine months after the first wave of infections

Newspaper, but other media like business portalBloombergSee the direct link to the corona crisis in the United States. On the one hand, couples may be concerned about their own health and the health of the child, on the other hand, financial uncertainty triggered by a severe recession.

In the past, economic crises have often followed a significant decline in the birth rate. Examples of this are the global economic crisis of the 1930s, but the situation or development of East Germany after reunification Russia After the collapse Soviet Union.

According to official data, the decline was particularly severe in December (minus eight percent). Nine months ago, the U.S. economy was hit by the first severe epidemic, and in a matter of weeks millions of U.S. citizens lost their jobs. With this time delay, the birth rate is likely to fall even more sharply in 2021 – despite the US economy now rising strongly again.