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United States: Biden’s most important plan to be abandoned – Senator refuses to approve – foreign policy

Political earthquake in the United States!

President Joe Biden’s (79)’s most important domestic political project is about to end: the billion-dollar climate and social package. That too because a party saga does not want to accept!

Biden called the plan “historic” in the past. The US president was proud that the package would create millions of jobs and make “the most important investment” in the history of the fight against climate change.

Under pressure from some sections of his own party, Biden of the Democrats had to drastically reduce his plans: the planned $ 3.5 trillion to $ 1.75 trillion.

Now the package threatens to fail completely!

Despite months of insistence, Fidel was unable to include all party colleagues in the Senate. Democrat Senator Joe Mancin, 74, who has long had the plan, announced Sunday he was not.

Senator Joe Mancin, 74, has long been a staunch opponent of the Biden packagePhoto: Alex Brandon / DPA

Mansin told Fox News Television that he always had a reservation and could not vote for the plan. “I can not. I tried everything I could man. ”

When asked if his decision was final, the West Virginia senator replied, ‚ÄúThis is not the law. I tried everything I could. ”

Depending on Biden’s voice

In the U.S. Senate, Democrats have only a slim majority, and Republicans reject the package, depending on the Senator’s vote in the Chamber.

Whether the project or some parts of it will still be saved – is not clear!

Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki, 43, responded unusually sharply: Mancin promised more talks and a compromise in the coming days. If he puts an end to these efforts now, it will be “a sudden and indescribable face to the president and senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate and a violation of his duties.”

Biden spokesman Jen Zaki (43)

Biden spokesman Jen Zaki (43)Photo: EVELYN HOCKSTEIN / REUTERS

“If he changes his position again to fulfill previous promises and keep his word,” the White House will continue to pressure him, Psaki said. The struggle for compilation is very important. They “will find a way to continue next year”.

Many Democrats are furious with their Manjhi party colleagues. Democrat MP Ianna Presley, 47, has been accused of recklessly obstructing the president’s agenda.

Sennie Bernie Sanders, 80, told CNN that Mancini should explain to the people of West Virginia why he is missing out on important social improvements.

It is not uncommon for a torpedo to be carried out in such a way as to be a major project of the President within its own ranks.

Biden threw all his political weight on the scales to carry out the plan. The social and climate package and the already agreed infrastructure package are one of the main concerns of his presidency. You have to be his legacy.

The fact that Biden cannot assert himself severely erodes his power.

What should the money be spent on

The draft for the legal package, among other things, provides for many families to reduce the sometimes exorbitant costs of childcare, exempt families from taxes, and expand health services.

More than $ 500 billion has been set aside for the fight against climate change, including investments in renewable energy and tax breaks for the purchase of electric cars.

The House of Representatives passed the assembly in November with a narrow majority of Democrats. The other congressional chamber, not the Senate, approved.