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United Kingdom: 3G shutdown begins

United Kingdom: 3G shutdown begins

Who remembers 3G also known as UMTS? In Germany, UMTS/3G is completely disabled in 2021.

This year it's the turn of the British Isles. All UK mobile network operators have committed to shutting down their 3G networks.

Vodafone is in the lead

3G/UMTS phase-out in Great Britain is due by 2025.
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Vodafone UK has already started switching off 3G and says it will end it by the end of January (2024). On that day a Vodafone offers tips and advice on a dedicated homepageHow customers can – if they haven't already done so – switch to 4G or 5G to get “better connections”. Vodafone explains to its customers that anyone unable to use 4G or WLAN calls despite a fixed-term contract should consider “upgrading” their device (i.e. a new device).

BT/EE was launched this year

British Telecom (BT/EE) plans to move away from 3G this year “so we can focus on strengthening our new and reliable 4G and 5G networks to deliver a better connectivity experience for our customers.”

BT warns that the shutdown is not just happening in the UK, but around the world. Anyone whose device does not support 4G or 5G will not be able to make calls (including emergency calls) or use data roaming abroad.

on him The website explains BT/EEWhy the 3G network is shutting down and how customers can stay connected to a faster, more reliable 4G or 5G network.

Three: 3G will roll out by the end of this year

British network operator “Three” plans to… 3G shutdown by the end of 2024 should have finished. A merger between Vodafone UK and Three is later on the cards.

Virgin Media o2 is taking its time

The joint venture between Virgin Media and o2 will take some time. you like Next year only (ie 2025) The shutdown will begin.

Switch provider to keep 3G?

English websites are debating whether a change of provider makes sense in order to continue using 3G as much as possible.

Number porting in Great Britain is a very elegant solution. You tell your old provider that you want to switch and you get a PAC code (PAC = boarding authorization code). You can even do this with a simple text message. SMS your provider with the three letters “PAC” to UK speed dial 65075 (there are no SMS charges) and you'll receive the code within two hours. You give this code to your new provider and they do everything.

Is 2G shutdown possible?

In the case of 3G, this is not recommended as the UMTS standard will soon disappear into the history books. 2G's days are also numbered. For example, Switzerland has already switched off 2G across the country and is now planning to switch off 3G. There is no specific date yet for switching off 2G in Germany or the UK.

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