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Union Central backs Peruvian candidate Veronica Mendoza – Brenza Latin

The country’s largest union center called on left-wing forces and workers to vote for the candidate of the political and social camp. Together, Peru (JP) spoke at a national labor conference about its labor policy. CGDP.

In order to achieve the CGDP’s strategic objectives, Mendoza’s proposal called on the left – wing factions to contest the elections to build unity.

In his speech, he denounced the presidential candidate for treating the country like a colony and cited the gas example, saying resources were exploited by the people, transport and industry without being utilized by a transnationalist, so if elected, the government would decide its massive internal use.

He also announced lower tariffs on national manufacturers due to the economic impact of the Govt-19 health crisis and other measures to recover three million jobs, which will combat prevention, mass vaccination and other measures.

He also agreed to issue two bonds for the people to ‘revitalize the need and reactivate the economy’, invest in infrastructure works and improve health, education and housing and remove unjustified exemptions and tax. Great luck.

Another goal of Mendoza is efficient government, job stability, a new public labor law, decent employment guaranteeing other rights that have been curtailed by the new liberal policy of the past three decades, and other benefits.

He said it would restore the right to collective bargaining for better wages and working conditions, subsidize companies to provide social security to 30-year-olds, and encourage their employment.

He pointed to the need for the Ministry of Labor to protect workers’ rights, eliminate trade union harassment, and a productive dialogue between the government, workers and employers.

During the meeting, and later with the residents of Villa Hwanda in Lima, he acknowledged his commitment to controlling natural gas so that it benefits the people.

“What is ours, Mother Earth gave us, is to serve the families of Peru,” he said, noting that it would pay tribute to former Member of Parliament and leading left-wing leader Manuel Dummert. SARS corona virus. CoV-2.

‘We will do this in memory of Manuel Dummert, whom I met in Cusco for the sovereignty and redemption of our gas. We pay our heartfelt tribute to the politician who never bowed his head to any powerful man and never gave up the fight for the sovereignty of our territories and our resources, ”he said.

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