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Under Waves highlight our story from gamescom

Under Waves highlight our story from gamescom

We were able to play under the waves and talk to developer Parallel Studios.

Type: conspiracy Developer: Parallel Studios Publishers: Quantic Dream a program: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC Release: 2023

In my days at Gamescom, I saw one thing above all else: a lot of excitement and a lot of horror – related to games of course! However, after unveiling Under the Waves during the opening Night Live, I learned that a full contrast program was waiting for me on my scheduled audition date.

The new underwater adventure from Quantic Dream publisher and developer Parallel Studios focuses on the bleak story of deep-sea diver Stan, which brought back powerful memories of two of my favorite adventures: Firewatch and Journey.

So you’re all on board… You can watch the first trailer for the game here:

Under the Waves - Trailer for the new underwater narrative adventure


Under the Waves – Trailer for the new underwater narrative adventure

Briefly explained: That’s what Under the Waves is all about

In the third person, she took on the role of married Stan. A professional bearded diver in his forties has recently been hired by an oil company and his job here is quite unusual: in order to explore the North Sea in the 1970s, he lives far from any civilization in an underwater station at the bottom of the sea. It is only connected to another employee by radio.

The great puzzle: What immediately drew me here was the question of ‘why’ this needs to be researched. Why does Stan move to what may be the farthest place on Earth, even though his loving wife is waiting for him on the roof? Generally speaking, Stan appears sad, depressed and has surreal dreams while he sleeps.

Of course, those of you who have played Firewatch will immediately discover similarities with the Campo Santo adventure.


Stan lives here from now on, alone in a diving station, which also serves as a hub from which we start our dives.


Beneath the waves fall images and sounds into the atmosphere.

By the way, one of the important themes for the French team of 12 is to draw attention to the beauty of the seas using Under the Waves and thus focus more on the importance of protecting the oceans.

As Game Director Ronan Koavik (remember me, life is strange) told me in an interview, his father was a sailor, which made Increased pollution of the seas Oil and plastic have always been an important family issue.

This is how Under the Waves plays

By the way, despite the obvious focus on the story, Under the Waves is not a classic linear walking simulator that goes perfectly without real gameplay. Instead, I found a narrative adventure in which I could freely explore the ocean with Stan whether swimming, walking, or in a little yellow submarine. If the oxygen tank runs out, I also have to supply fresh air with oxygen sticks.

Although I can follow the story from the underwater station, I can also decide to explore the underwater open world in search of artifacts, discover caves and shipwrecks or simply enjoy the great atmosphere next to the blue whale swimming next to it. The more time we spend off the beaten path at Under the Waves, the more we learn about the mystery surrounding the orchard.

Somewhat scary, but also nice to meet a huge whale on the dark sea floor.
Somewhat scary, but also nice to meet a huge whale on the dark sea floor.

different endings: If Stan uses his oxygen wands to get more oxygen, they remain garbage in the game world. You see plastic polluting the seas again and again.

So my question to game director Ronan was if we could get a more positive ending to the game by collecting it. Indeed, Under the Waves offers several endings depending on our playing style and I already know who will catch every PET bottle from the North Sea for the 2023 release.

Is Under the Waves Coming to Pass the Game? Ronan Coiffec has not yet been able to give me a definitive answer to this question, as it is currently in preliminary talks with Microsoft. The possibility of testing the game in a pre-release demo will also be considered in the coming weeks.

So sad and beautiful

Human suffering and Stan’s grief, these points are the crux of the Under the Waves story and after watching them I can very well imagine we’ll have an emotionally gripping game that we won’t soon forget.

Also because the place, the atmosphere and the sound completely absorb you. With the headphones turned on, you are literally drawn into a completely different world. Parralel Studios has already shown in the demo that they understand how to bring out a deep story both visually and acoustically.

Dennis Michael

It’s often the emotional stories from games like Firewatch, Journey, or What Remains of Edith Finch that stick in our minds even years after the end of the game. According to the first impression, Under the Waves is just like this game.

With deep-sea diver Stan, Parallel Studios wants to tell a story of sadness and loneliness while at the same time drawing attention to the increasing pollution of the seas by showing the beauty of this world, which is so surreal to us.

The fantastic underwater locations, captured by an excellently melancholy and harmonious soundtrack, make me want to experience the mystery surrounding Stan’s story and drive even more. So Under the Waves is the highlight of my story from gamescom and I’m really looking forward to the release next year.