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Unannounced in Bolivia and behind bars

Bolivia’s former president Jeanine ez has refused to release statements to the city’s attorney’s office, where he was transferred this Saturday after being arrested in a conspiracy case.

He exercised his right to remain silent while taking statements on crimes such as terrorism, treason and conspiracy, in connection with the investigation of the conspiracy against President Evo Morales in 2019 and the massacres in the cities of Cochabamba (Cochabamba) and Sengkata (La Paz).

Bolivia TV reported that staff from the ombudsman’s office came to the departmental attorney’s office to verify that the former president’s statements were made in accordance with the law.

The prisoner was again taken to Special Forces cells to fight crime in La Paz and is awaiting action by the Public Ministry.

A few hours ago in the Beni Department of Trinidad, local news outlets reported that he had been hiding in a box to avoid serious police action being taken in the framework of the investigation.

Former Prosecution Ministers Alvaro Combra (Justice) and Rodrigo Guzman (Energy), who were detained and prosecuted in the same case, accepted the silence in front of the prosecutor’s office.

There are also arrest warrants against former incumbents Yerco Nice (president), Arturo Murillo (government) and Luis Fernando Lopez (security); The last two are not in Bolivia.

Theez told the media that his capture was a “political threat” by the ruling movement for socialism, but denied that the fears of government minister Eduardo del Castillo, Eisenhower and Guzmn were a response to political persecution.

Del Castillo told a news conference that only one order issued by the Ministry of Public Administration had been implemented for a case investigated since December 2020.

“This is a process that has followed its course to this day during the administration, and it is the judicial authorities who will continue the investigation and define the situation of the arrested people,” the head of government said.