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UN report points to massacre in Mali

The 78-page document, which was written by UN experts and delivered to the UN Security Council, is available to dpa. In it, he described the perpetrators as “white soldiers”. The group of Russian mercenaries Wagner, serving in the service of the Malian Military Council, was not directly named, but according to the information of the German news agency (dpa), there is no doubt that experts believe that the soldiers described by the witnesses are members of the Wagner. Not least because the type of rope used in the crime is known from Russian military stocks.

Since the last coup in May 2021, Mali, an unstable West African nation, has been ruled by a military junta that has close ties to Russia and has hired fighters from the Wagner mercenary group. In UN circles, Wagner is considered close to the Kremlin and her commitment to Mali is indisputable. Rising tensions with the government and the rise of extremist groups are increasingly hampering the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission MINUSMA in the country. The German Army currently participates in Minusma with more than 1,000 soldiers.