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Ukrainian students: space and staff are too little


About 4,000 Ukrainian children now attend school in Vienna. However, there is still too little space and too few staff for them. Above all, their German lessons are bringing many schools to the limit.

For example, about 30 students currently attend the comprehensive school Campus Landstraße in District III. They learn German in a room that is actually a music room. “Often there are no classes available,” director Elke Zach told “Vienna Today” the problem. The music room is of course too small to teach 25 kids here all day. “It’s okay with those fifteen hours a week,” she said.

There are 15 hours of intensive support for children from Ukraine, and they spend the rest of the lessons in regular classes. Not all schools have such make-up classes. In Campus Landstraße comprehensive school there is one German support teacher for the entire site – and in her class there is not even a place for all Ukrainian children from school.

Ukrainian schoolgirl writing on paper


About 4,000 children from Ukraine now go to school in Vienna

“There is a problem in every nook and cranny”

“There is not enough staff. There is a problem in every nook and cranny,” says director Elke Zach. However, this affects not only Ukrainian teachers but the whole school. There are pregnancies and retirements, but there are very few The new teachers “We are fighting by all means and trying to bring in as much as possible.”

Starting school for Ukraine children

There is not enough space and not enough staff for the approximately 4,000 Ukrainian children being taught in Vienna. Above all, their German lessons are bringing many schools to the limit.

Over a hundred additional categories

The city of Vienna is aware of the problems. Education City Councilor Christoph Federker confirmed to “Vienna Haut” that more than a hundred Ukrainian teachers have already been employed. However, the space problem is difficult to solve: “4000 children who fled Ukraine alone means more than a hundred additional chapters, which we also opened this year. We succeeded and we still have enough space,” Federger said. “But sometimes it can get cramped, especially in the inner city area, so we can’t just build new schools there.”

Solomiya is one of the eight-year-old Ukrainian students at Campus Landstraße comprehensive school. Her mother told “Vienna Today” that her daughter loves it very much at school. “I also took online lessons in Ukraine and completed both first grades. Here and in Ukraine.” The family is happy to be in Austria. Because in the Ukrainian homeland, children have to regularly go to the basement during school hours because of the air raid alarms.