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Ukrainian soldiers reply “F*** you!”

Russians kill 13 Ukrainian soldiers on a small island – their last radio message goes all over the world

«Russian warship, *** you!»

13 Ukrainian border guards were killed while defending an island. The Russian Navy offered to surrender, but refused. Her last words are now going around the world.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is progressing relentlessly. District after district located. Troops from Russia and Belarus are advancing on the ground in tanks and trucks and in the air in planes and helicopters.

A few kilometers away: Russian combat helicopters fly over a city near Kiev(00:38)

However, Ukraine is also under attack by sea. On Thursday, the Russian Navy targeted Snake Island in the Black Sea. One of the warships called the island’s border guards over the radio and told them to surrender – otherwise they would open fire. “Will you cooperate?” read the radio message.