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UK: Tories vote on Johnson’s successor

Status: 08/01/2022 06:56 am

Almost four weeks ago, British Prime Minister Johnson announced his resignation from the leadership of the party and government. Tory members can vote for a successor from today. State Foundation Secretary is leading the election.

Almost three weeks after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, members of the Conservative Tory Party have begun voting on a successor. Roughly 200,000 party members could choose Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. Voting ends on September 2 and the final result will be announced on September 5.

So far, the polls show Truss clearly ahead of Sunak. Tory MPs had nominated both for party leader and government leader. Accordingly, the winner of the election also goes to the seat of government in Downing Street. All members who joined the Tory Party by June 3 are eligible to vote.

Sunak Johnson is regarded as a critic

Johnson, the current prime minister, announced his resignation on July 7 after unprecedented pressure from the cabinet. Many scandals followed. Secretary of State Truss repeatedly supported the outgoing Prime Minister. On the other hand, his opponent, Sunak, was highly critical of Johnson.

A total of eight party members had applied after Johnson. In several ballots, the candidate with the lowest number of votes had to bid farewell to the contest.

Televised fights and regional conferences

Truss and Sunak will meet again tomorrow in a TV fight. Before that, they will again face questions from party members at a regional conference called “Hustings” in the southwestern English city of Exeter. Ten such “hustings” are scheduled before the voting period ends. The main focus is on tax policy.

The opposition had already called for early parliamentary elections after the succession decision, but this was not mandatory. The next regular nationwide vote is scheduled for 2024.