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UK to crack down on migrants, Albanians –

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s new proposal calls for the deployment of British border guards on the Albanian border and the creation of a new task force of 400 experts to process Albanian asylum applications.

14,000 Albanians are said to have traveled irregularly to the UK in 2022, thousands of whom have applied for asylum, sparking a media frenzy in late summer and October.

“The solution shouldn’t just be about what works, but what’s right,” Sunak said. “It is unfair for people to come here illegally. Enough is enough.”

A third of asylum seekers arriving in the UK are from Albania, a safe and prosperous country, and those claiming to be victims of modern slavery must provide evidence, he said.

This and other changes would result in “most” Albanian claims being declared unfounded.

The plan includes five elements, including the interception of small vessels by military, intelligence and civilian forces, bans on opening bank accounts, housing asylum seekers in shelters and military camps, increasing the burden of proof for asylum seekers, and prohibitive laws. Illegal” entrants from applying for asylum.

The last point is potentially contentious under international law, as entry into a country becomes irrelevant once an asylum application is made. Refugee organizations have also warned that it will affect those who make valid claims.

Preventive measures were announced In OctoberThat: “Instead of adding to this confusion, should [Innenministerin Suella] Braverman is creating safer routes for refugees to reach the UK, apply for asylum here, process people’s asylum claims so they can rebuild their lives in our communities and end the cruelty of indefinite detention.”

Sunak said the law, which will be introduced early next year, will ensure that those who do not enter the country through legal and safe channels are detained and quickly returned to their home country or to a safe country where their asylum application is lodged. examined”.

Amnesty International UK said Sunak’s statement showed “he either knew nothing or clearly did not care”.

“Today’s announcement is riddled with legal and factual flaws and, if implemented, will worsen the already disastrous situation created by the Sunak government’s policies for people fleeing conflict and persecution, while traffickers, smugglers and other abusers continue to benefit,” said Steve Valdez. Symonds, director of refugee and migrant rights at the NGO Amnesty, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said he had repeatedly offered the British government to work with them on the matter and set up a special committee, as in other countries.

“It’s been a request of mine since Boris Johnson was foreign secretary, and I’ve made it again and again because of how many times they’ve come to us and shared their concerns with us, I’ve made it again and again. If you have a problem with us being elected to rule Albania, not Britain, and want our help, We are ready to form a special group with you as we have done with other countries,” Rama said.

He also spoke out against the government’s exclusion of Albanians.

“Don’t talk about Albanian crime, a crime is a crime and there is no race.”