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UK: The government wants to legally recognize the sentiments in vertebrates

They can feel happiness, endure pain and suffering: the fact that animals have emotions is no longer controversial. Now this must be true England Are legally recognized. Conservative Environment Minister George Eustis said in an interview with the newspaper Sunday Telegraph.

Queen Elizabeth II will announce the relevant legislation in her traditional government statement on Tuesday. It’s about the spines, though – as Eustace said “anyone with spines”.

In the bill, they are said to have “feelings”, i.e., they insist that they are aware of their feelings and emotions. Eustace said an existing committee in the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs would ensure that this is reflected in government policies.

The Johnson government plans a number of animal welfare measures

Progress from Great Britain has been relatively late. Recognized by the European Union many years ago Animals are conscious, sensitive human beings. Um Lisbon TreatyFor example, the EU and its member states, which came into force in 2009, require that animal welfare requirements be taken into account when formulating or implementing policies in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, transportation, domestic markets, research and technological development. And location. But that was the case after Brexit Was not initially converted to British law.

Of course, opinions differ on how far this requirement is met in the EU. Especially with farm animals this is the concept of their feelings Mostly not far away, Critics talk about the cruelty that the government allows to animals.

In the UK, the new law should be part of a comprehensive strategy used by the government to raise animal welfare standards. According to the Sunday Telegraph, further bills prohibit the importation of hunting trophies, the export of live animals and the keeping of animals as pets.

In addition, British Cat plans to ban fur imports and microchips in domestic cats. Stop killing pigs by aerating them with carbon dioxide. Penalties for cruelty to animals should be increased from six months to a maximum of five years in prison.

Minister Eustace called the plan “an important signal to the world.” Boris Johnson Be the first Prime Minister to anchor animal welfare in government policy.

However, critics believe Johnson is campaigning for animal rights because of the personal views of his fianc மனைவிe, Gary Symonds. Eustis said he was as interested in the matter as Simmonds Johnson or himself.