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UK: MPs say asylum deal with Rwanda violates human rights

UK: MPs say asylum deal with Rwanda violates human rights

A British parliamentary committee has warned against implementing plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. The Joint Committee said the draft openly invites the possibility of violation of international law and is incompatible with human rights principles. Human rights with. The committee consists of members of the ruling party and the opposition.

Committee chair Joanna Cherry said the bill would do untold damage to the UK's reputation as a champion of human rights. It aims to eliminate important protections against persecution and human rights abuses, including the fundamental right of access to a court. “The hostility to human rights is at the heart of this law, and no change can save it,” he said.

In particular, parliamentarians complained that the draft law was inconsistent with the right to an effective complaint under Article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Under the draft, ministers would be free to ignore interim measures ordered by the European Court of Human Rights. This amounts to an invitation to violate international law.

The Supreme Court found the scheme illegal

The government in London wants to accept irregular migrants in the future, regardless of their origin, without examining their asylum applications. Rwanda Deportation. They should ask for protection there – there are no plans to return to Great Britain. The East African country will be declared a safe third country under the Act. Britain's Supreme Court declared the bill unconstitutional in November.

Prime Minister's Conservative Government Rishi Sunak He wants to save the bill. Detailed discussions in the Upper House of Parliament are due to begin on Monday. The draft has already been approved by the government's majority in the lower house.

The UK Home Office said the Rwanda project was a bold and innovative solution to a major global challenge. “Rwanda is a safe country that deeply cares about supporting refugees,” the ministry added. It already houses more than 135,000 asylum seekers and is ready to help people rebuild their lives.