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UK: Millions of Britons celebrate “Jubilee” picnic

UK: Millions of Britons celebrate “Jubilee” picnic

Queen Pentecost will continue to be celebrated on Sunday. Millions of people attended the “Big Lunch” event.

Across the country, people England 70th Anniversary of the Queen’s Throne Anniversary at the Joint Picnic Elizabeth II Celebrated.

At The Oval, London’s cricket stadium, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, and his wife, Duchess Camila, attend a “Jubilee Lunch” while the Queen’s daughter – in – law cuts the cake. A cake buffet six meters long was felt.

Guests who spoke with Charles told the PA News Agency that the 73-year-old had called for that social sentiment to be maintained – and had not returned to the fight after four days of celebration.

It is estimated that millions of people attended the “Big Lunch” at about 16,000 events. All residents can book festivals in advance, and there were many publicly organized events. Some municipalities waived the fees actually payable for road closures to allow parties.

The Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, and his wife, Countess Sophie, represented the Queen at a luncheon in Windsor. Duchess Gate, the wife of Prince William, the grandson of the Queen of the Palace, has shared photos showing her baking a cake with their three children. It said the desserts were for a street party in the Welsh capital, Cardiff.