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UK law to deny asylum to 45,000 children –

UK law to deny asylum to 45,000 children –

Up to 45,000 children could be denied refugee status in the UK as a result of the UK government’s planned illegal immigration bill.

This is revealed in an upcoming report by the Refugee Council, a newspaper The Guardians Currently.

A forthcoming report analyzes the overall impact of the UK’s illegal immigration law, which aims to cancel asylum applications if refugees enter the UK through unauthorized means, such as crossing the English Channel by boat.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman traveled to Rwanda at the weekend to negotiate a controversial deal to allow asylum seekers to be deported to the African country once they arrive in the UK.

Braverman said in a statement that the deal is “key to disrupting the business model of human traffickers, while ensuring that those who truly need protection can be helped to rebuild their lives.”

The plan is currently on hold after a court allowed a lawsuit against the proposed law.

“Braverman is wasting taxpayers’ money by showing the Conservative Party’s latest vanity project in Rwanda,” Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey said of Braverman’s trip to Rwanda. “Liberal Democrats will oppose this appalling anti-refugee law, which is nothing more than a charter for criminal smugglers.”

Under the law, refugees who arrive in the UK without prior permission will be detained for 28 days and their asylum claims will be deemed “inadmissible”.

Braverman told the House of Commons that the deportation duty “cannot be used to detain and deport unaccompanied asylum-seeking children”.

While the bill has sparked controversy, Braverman has opposed any changes and urged its swift passage.