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UK: Johnson’s plans after scandal

UK: Johnson’s plans after scandal

Status: 05/10/2022 1:32 pm

The Queen did not attend the opening ceremony of Parliament in Great Britain. Instead, Prince Charles delivered the Queen’s speech. PM Johnson has big plans after the recent setbacks.

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The Conservative Party lost a regional and local election. Prime Minister Boris Johnson now wants to put this failure behind him with his new government plan.

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“This is a clear message from the electorate: they want us to focus on the big issues that are important to them,” Johnson said after the UK election. This is to drive economic growth forward, secure the supply of energy and curb high prices.

The benefits of Brexit should be rewarding

Steps to achieve this are in Johnson’s government plan. It’s a new beginning, as The Times writes. He wants to eliminate hundreds of EU regulations, for example in the fields of environmental protection and genetic engineering. The benefits of Brexit will ultimately pay off in simplified management, with less effort for companies.

Home construction should be easy and, above all, fast. But it’s about asylum and immigration policy: foreign criminals should be easily expelled from the country.

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But all this is not enough and there is great fear in the party. The government should increase its social security contributions to its citizens. Johnson defines “stabilization” as an important goal. According to the mood in the party, it should be delivered before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Michael Cove, Housing Secretary, puts the brakes on expectations. In a BBC interview, he described the difficulty of high inflation having an impact on government investment as well. Addressing the cost of living is more important than ever, but given inflation is also more important.

MPs from the south of the country are already critical of the fact that efforts are primarily focused on the region north, where the Conservatives have won the last election. The Tories also lost the local elections in the south. But the chaos in the party has not turned into a storm. Johnson now has to provide MPs with voters to keep his side.