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UK: Employee loses defense programs

The UK government is straight Looking for an impact, Which pierced the internal records of one of the Health Minister’s queries – the next embarrassing breakdown already making headlines. According to a report BBC An employee forgot the secret classified documents of the Ministry of Defense at a bus stop.

The broadcaster said Sunday that a passerby in the southeastern district of Kent found completely bad documents and handed them over to the BBC. This is not about individual sheets of paper unnoticed from a pocket bag, but about 50 pages including emails and presentations (you can see the full report Here).

Among other things, it is about an incident Russia: The British destroyer “HMS Defender” came into conflict with Russian factions while crossing the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia. Possible reactions from London are discussed in the documents coming from the bus stop.

Is London planning a new Afghanistan mission?

The British government insisted that the “guard” had chosen the fastest route between the two points, as allowed by international law. In Moscow’s view, the warship entered Russian territorial waters illegally. The Coast Guard used warning shots and grenades to push the “defender”. London However, he talks about a Russian military exercise and insists that the destroyer enforces freedom of navigation.

Documents marked “Secret UK Eyes Only” are very important. According to the BBC, this is about recommendations for a further military presence in Great Britain Afghanistan After the withdrawal of the official NATO associations.

The Ministry of Defense has now said, “As expected by the public, the Ministry of Defense is making all plans carefully.” Therefore, “all possible factors” are taken into account when making “operational decisions”.