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UBS / Credit Suisse: First Meeting of the Presidents of Switzerland

UBS / Credit Suisse: First Meeting of the Presidents of Switzerland

Perhaps nowhere are there more questions about the future structure of the big bank, UBS, than in Switzerland. In Germany, the presidents of the two countries already met this week — even before CEO-designate Sergio Ermotti took office.

Apparently, the first meeting between delegations from the management of UBS Switzerland and Credit Suisse Switzerland, led by the heads of state of the two countries, took place last Tuesday. Sabine Keeler Buses from UBS and Andre Helfenstein From CS, like that “Sunday show” I reported this weekend. However, UBS continues to maintain how the modules are combined.

Sabine Keeler buses (Photo: UBS)

Not least due to the change at the top of UBS, it will likely be some time before it becomes clear how the two major Swiss banks will organize themselves. CEO Sergio Armoti He will take over on April 5, 2023.

Andre Helfenstein

Andre Helfenstein (Photo: Credit Suisse)

So far, it has been leaked that the Credit Suisse brand will remain in place for another three or four years, but then it will disappear. Although scenarios that subsequently envision a split of the Swiss CS business are also being examined, UBS reportedly does not consider this alternative particularly attractive, writes “Sonntagsblick”.

Does the new “Monster-UBS” have a chance of success?

  • Yes, you will emerge stronger from the banking crisis.

  • Yes, as long as you break up investment banking.

  • Yes, but only on your own.

  • No, this giant is too big for Switzerland.

  • No, because the traditional universal banking system is over.