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U15 comes in fifth place

U15 comes in fifth place

With a fifth-place finish, the TSG Hoffenheim U15 team began their journey home from the Girls' Snow Cup in Lübeck. Other junior teams were also active under the roof of the hall at the weekend.

As last year's winners, TSG opened the top-ranked Girls' Snow Cup against SGS Essen on Saturday. The opening match against the eventual tournament winners from Essen ended 0-3 from TSG's point of view. TSG won the other two group matches against Wolfsburg (3:1) and Borussia Mönchengladbach (3:2) and thus advanced to the second round.

Hoffenheim started by beating Freiburg 3-1. This was followed by a defeat to FC Carl Zeiss Jena and an unfortunate draw against Union Berlin (1:1), meaning the team did not qualify for the targeted semi-finals. In the fifth place match, TSG eventually beat Werder Bremen 2-1.

“The defeat means we have a bad start to the tournament. The team showed respect for the tournament at the beginning. However, we managed to win a tough preliminary group and played our best game against Freiburg. Unfortunately, we couldn’t continue on the second day,” he added. Of heroism. It is unfortunate that we did not reach the semi-finals. However, we can be satisfied with the tournament because we presented ourselves well,” sums up coach Nadine Peltz.

In addition to the U15 team, other TSG youth teams were also participating at the weekend. The U17 team finished the Masters Indoor Championships in Augsburg in fourth place. The U14 team won the Zweiburgen Cup in Hohensachsen and finished ninth in the International Futsal Championship in Mulhouse. The U13 team also played twice in the indoor tournament in Ingelfingen. On Saturday, the 2012 group was eliminated in the preliminary round by the 2011 boys' teams. On Sunday, TSG won the 2013 same-age group championship.