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U.S. report spirals – Trump repeatedly harasses attorney general – News


The report describes how the president put massive pressure on the judiciary after his election defeat. He wanted to invalidate the election.

The judiciary must declare the elections flawed and publicly investigate investigations into election fraud: this is what then-President Donald Trump demanded nine times in late December from then-Justice Jeffrey Rosen.

Trump’s chief executive and Republican MP also put pressure. In doing so, they not only violate conventional rules, but also legal protections that prevent them from abusing the highest judicial power for personal and political purposes. When it became clear that Rosen and his deputy were determined, Trump planned to fire both.


Jeffrey Rosen was Attorney General in the fall of 2020, followed by his deputy Jeff Clark.


He wanted to replace the Minister of Justice with a compliant ministerial official who supports his conspiracy theories accused of massive electoral fraud.

On January 3, at a dramatic meeting at the Oval Office, the president abandoned his plan when the entire administration of the Ministry of Justice threatened to resign under opposition. Even White House legal adviser Pat Cipolon is said to have threatened to resign at the meeting.

Statements of those directly involved

The media has already reported on some such incidents in the last few weeks and months. But the Senate report goes deeper because it is based on official documents, interviews and emails from those directly involved. The report makes it clear again: Trump will not shy away from abusing state-owned enterprises and undermining basic democratic principles such as the independence of the judiciary.


White House adviser Pat Cipolon threatened to force Trump to resign in January.


He stops doing it only when he succeeds in making it clear that his attitude will do him more harm than good. The Republican Minority Commission immediately issued a counter statement. In it, Trump’s behavior is, in the end, amused by pointing out that Trump has not committed any criminal offenses.

Followers must be selected

This is equally worrying because it reveals that Republicans in Congress place a higher priority on their political survival than on maintaining democratic law and order.

Meanwhile, fears are high within the party that Trump will be affected by the ban and crushed by his supporters. Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of Republican voters believe the lie of a rigged election victory. The report does not change that.

Nearly a year ago, Trump was unable to hold on to power by all means. State election officials and staunch Republicans in the judiciary have blocked this. The alarm bells are ringing that Trump now wants some of these officials to vote in the next election and be appointed by their successors.