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U-17 World Cup in Indonesia: Germany wins a nerve-wracking match over the USA – Sports

U-17 World Cup in Indonesia: Germany wins a nerve-wracking match over the USA – Sports

A few months ago, when Germany’s under-17 team became European champions in Hungary, the German Football Association broadcast an interview in which goalkeeper Max Schmidt explained his creed: “You just have to be there for the full 90 minutes.” On Tuesday, the Bayern Munich U19 goalkeeper was again in goal for Germany’s U17 team, this time against the USA in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Indonesia. He showed that he lives his faith. Not only through words, but also through actions.

A few minutes before the end of the match in Bandung, American Matthew Karkaran hit a perfect shot from 20 metres. But Schmidt calculated the bullet’s trajectory perfectly, flew into the left corner, directed the ball around the post and made a stunning save. It was the final move that sealed the win, which was not necessarily a spectacular but deserved 3-2 win – and thus presented European champion Christian Wouk’s side with one of the biggest hurdles the tournament table has in store. On Friday (9:30am, live on Sky and, Germany will face Spain in the quarter-finals in Jakarta, which is packed with young Barcelona players.

The match against the Americans contained different visions. Among other things, former Bundesliga player Charles Akonnor (Wolfsburg) has good footballer genes. His son, who goes by the name Charles Hermann, scored a goal to look back on that year to make it 1-0 to Germany five minutes later: he curled a free-kick from 20 meters out from a right-half position just under the bar. . The level of security the goal provided for the DFB team was surprisingly easy. Then, the young German players were put to a real test – for the first time in this extremely grueling tournament due to the temperatures.

Bilal Yalcinkaya scores the winning goal for the German U-17 team like a futsal player

After neglecting the defense of the German Federation, Taha Habron scored 1-1 (24th place). But then Herman got his next good look. Following a deep pass from Eric da Silva Moreira, the Borussia Dortmund talent played a brilliant back pass to striker Max Morstedt (Hoffenheim), who scored his third goal of the tournament. But after the break, the American pressure put the German team under more pressure.

“We couldn’t really get into the game, we made too many mistakes on the ball and became unsure, we just ran after it,” coach Wück complained after the match. Defense Minister Finn Jeltsch (1. FC Nürnberg) proved to be a beacon of defense and explained a number of measures taken by the Americans. However, the DFB side were forced to settle for an equalizer once again, this time in as unfortunate a manner as possible. Free kick taken by David Vazquez, after a low cross, which fell into the net without being touched by any player (2:2/82). Last-minute hero Schmidt stayed on the line during this scene – clearly to be on guard in case the ball went awry.

But in the end, a clown player emerged: Hamburg’s Bilal Yalcinkaya, who ran through the penalty area like a futsal player and then scored from close range to make the final score 3-2 (87th place). “That’s what we can count on: that we can always spot the highlights,” Walk said. In fact, the German national team is currently scoring a number of goals; He has reliably scored three goals in all of his World Cup matches so far. In the face of the powerful Spaniards, this virtue would again be nothing but contemptible.