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Typewise introduces a new AI keyboard

Typewise introduces a new AI keyboard

Swiss startup Typewise launches new auto-correct technology on Wednesday. These and other features were further developed with ETH Zurich.

With a mobile app with large buttons in a hex design, you should be able to reduce your typing errors by four times. We’ve already reported on Typewise on our Cell Phone and Keyboard comparison. Typewise is privacy friendly; Unlike the competition, the mobile keyboard doesn’t talk about everything over the cloud. In fact, Typewise works completely offline. Typewise Keyboard has been downloaded over 1 million times and used by 250,000 active users. By the way, here we showed you how to activate offline mode, which also deactivates anonymous tracking (like a tutorial).

New AI keyboard

style Introducing the new AI keyboard for smartphones on Wednesday. According to the emerging Swiss deep technology company, Typewise 3.0 brings an entirely new, patented auto-correction technology. This automatic correction aims to further speed up writing to the phone.

“The team has worked hard to build increasingly powerful features in its award-winning autocorrect technology. The result is a new version of Typewise that represents a major breakthrough in terms of design, efficiency and accuracy. Typewise’s co-founder and CEO David Eberle, said in the quoted statement: ‘We are We are proud to work closely with our user community in developing our new version to get a good understanding of what users of different languages ​​all over the world need. ”

Recognizes language – including dialect

Additionally, Typewise 3.0 now supports multiple languages ​​at the same time, which was previously not possible with the free version. The mobile phone keyboard can automatically recognize the language the user is writing in and switch to that language. In this way, typing errors can be avoided without the user having to manually change the language in the settings. According to Communication, this recognition software is so good that it even recognizes someone’s use of an accent or slang. This function is currently available in more than 40 languages. This means, for example, that the keyboard can also learn Swiss German, which the author can confirm.

NB: Using multiple languages ​​is a professional advantage. If you are using the free version, you can change the main language via settings.

Today’s announcement indicates that in collaboration with ETH Zurich, its auto-correction capabilities, speech recognition (premim), and complete data protection have been improved. Speech recognition is a premium functionality dedicated only to paying customers (see Availability and Pricing).

Availability and pricing

  • Typewise is free for Male in appearance And the iOS Available.
  • Premium functions (such as speech recognition) are available via an in-app purchase for 2 CHF per month or 10 CHF per year (or 1.99 € per month or 8.49 € per year) and as a one-time purchase (25 CHF – or € 24.99) Available.