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Two Swiss people crashed in Tyrol while defecating

when doing a defecation

Two Swiss people fall five meters in Tyrol

It was supposed to be a wild party night, but things turned out differently. When two drunk men tried to urinate on the side of the road, they fell several meters and had to go to the hospital.


The group of young Swiss wanted to go to Ischgl to celebrate.

For two Swiss people (24 and 26), Friday night ended in a hospital in Zaams (Austria) instead of celebrating in Ischgl (Austria) in Austria. They wanted to go to Ischgl with their colleagues to celebrate. At about 10:25 pm, the Swiss had to go to the toilet.

The driver, who was sober according to the police, stopped in the street so the two passengers could step outside for a moment. But since the two Swiss were completely drunk, they held on to a traffic light for more support. But she slipped and fell on a bridge. The two men were taken away.