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Two rare scenes in the sky

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from: Hannah blanket

We can see five planets in the sky in April 2023, one of them being a rare guest. At the end of the month, a special phenomenon awaits us.

Important—interesting astronomers and amateur stargazers: In April 2023, there’s a lot to discover in the sky, including a very rare guest that won’t be visible for the rest of the year. We still have to wait a little longer for the “most beautiful sight of the month” — but then there’s an unusual phenomenon to spot in the sky.

Venus also dominates the evening sky in April. It was already a prominent evening star in the sky in February-March 2023. Along with Jupiter, the bright planet presented us with a truly enchanting spectacle as both shone very clearly in the twilight sky.

Planets in April 2023: Mercury visible in the sky

Venus will be joined in the first half of the month (5 to 11 April) by Mercury, “the shyest of the transparent planets,” as the Hamburg Planetarium describes it. Dr. explains. Bjorn Voss, Planetarium Director.

Starry sky in April 2023. © dpa-infografik GmbH / Graphic: A. Brühl, Editor: D. Loesche

If you want to catch a glimpse of Mercury, you should look west about an hour after sunset, around 9 p.m., with the horizon as clear as you can get. Here we see it side by side with at the same time not entirely clear Mars and bright bright Venus: the red planet is at the top left, the ‘evening star’ makes up the ‘golden’ center and Mercury hides to the right below Venus well ranged above the horizon. It’s where we can in it to see the last vestiges of the fading sunlight.”

In addition to Venus, Mercury and Mars, Uranus will also be visible in the sky in April 2023, but only in the first evenings of the month. After that, it moves to the bright region next to the Sun and is no longer visible in the evening sky.

Planets in April 2023: Rare sight thanks to Venus and the Moon

Those who get up early will spot Saturn in the morning sky from April 16th. Before sunrise, when the sky is clear and the horizon is clear, there is an opportunity to see it. When it appears, Saturn is about two fingers to the left of the crescent moon.

According to the Hamburg Planetarium, the “most beautiful sight of the month” can be seen on April 23. Venus and the Moon are involved. Dr. explains. Voss” Whoever looks carefully will see not only the crescent moon, but also the rest of the lunar sphere, which shines in a faint “earthglow” – that is, reflecting the light that radiates from the Earth. We can best experience this phenomenon in spring and autumn, when the moon rises and sets more here. “

The full moon on April 6th has the special name “Pink Moon” — which unfortunately has nothing to do with the color of the moon.