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Twitter to bestseller - Author's No-name tweet brings comfort from Stephen King - Kultur

Twitter to bestseller – Author’s No-name tweet brings comfort from Stephen King – Kultur


Since Elon Musk has been at the helm of Twitter, the negative headlines haven’t stopped. The story of an author who suddenly became a star thanks to Twitter is even more refreshing.

Obviously, Elon Musk has excellent wrecking ball control. Since the billionaire took over as CEO at SMS service Twitter, nothing has been left untouched in the US company.

Thinning of the executive floor, mass layoffs among the workforce, and new revenue thanks to a controversial payment model for users or renewed approval of blocked accounts. It is stupid that the banned Donald Trump does not want to return to Twitter.

Offer required

Critical voices are growing inside and outside the company, predicting its demise. The recipient should be even more grateful that the positive news is finally starting the rounds again.

He owes this to a completely unknown until recently young librarian, fantasy lover and part-time author Chelsea Banning from Ohio. I started writing in my teens.

For the past 14 years she has been working on her first new project, Of Crowns and Legends. The long-awaited moment has come on August 22: the fantastic novel about the children of King Arthur is published.

No enthusiasm for the first

The only drawback: hardly anyone cares about the insistently written debut. The young author has been beating the advertising drum through social media for months. Without avail.

Last attempt – reading in a library. Again not found. Only two people got lost in the hall. And – according to reports – one of their dogs.

Chelsea Banning is at the end of her rope. And she tweeted: “Only two people came to sign my book yesterday.” Shame.

Stephen King sympathizes

What will happen now no one can predict. Chelsea Banning’s tweet is doing the rounds. Hundreds of thousands see him and feel sorry for him and make reassuring comments.

Among them are some authors. Also famous names like Margaret Atwood. She tweets, “Welcome to the club!” , only to continue reassuring that she, too, was completely alone at the book signing.

Stephen King, aka the Dean of Horror, also shows empathy: he’s been worse than she used to be. He was once the only person present at one of his readings. And then – as usual – another “fat kid” appeared and asked him if there were any “Nazi books”.

Smitten, bought, but hardly read

At least 79,000 users have left Chelsea block likes. Which proves that the swiping effect, which is central to all social media channels, still seems to work on Twitter, Elon Musk or not.

At Banning, the cash register begins to chime: “Of Crowns and Legends” is a hit on the Amazon charts. A new version is needed.

Media outside the US are reporting on the wondrous story of Twitter, which gave birth to a literary star and, after a long dry spell, landed positive headlines. For at least once.

The impact of the story on Chelsea Banning’s career remains open. What is the use of her fantasy novel in literary terms has not been read anywhere yet. Among the many claqueurs on Twitter around the world, no one seems to have bothered to take a look inside the book. Not to mention read it.