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Twitter seems to be suspending the subscription - there could also be an issue with the US Competition Authority

Twitter seems to be suspending the subscription – there could also be an issue with the US Competition Authority

Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, things have changed almost every day. On Friday, suddenly users could no longer sign up for the new subscription.

San Francisco — Since then Elon Musk When Twitter took over, there was one thing that SMS did not have: boredom. Within two weeks, the billionaire fired first management, and then half of the Twitter workforce — apparently in a hurry, because he was trying to bring some staff back. Senior managers in key positions also took off their hats on Friday. Meanwhile, the new Twitter chief himself has already warned of a possible bankruptcy for the platform. To draw more money into Twitter’s coffers, Musk offered blue ticks to everyone for $8 per month. But the registration to sign up was noisy Forbes He suddenly disappeared again on Friday – and Musk could soon get into trouble with the US competition authority.

Elon Musk reported a large number of active users: Twitter is all but boring

Last Thursday, new Twitter head Elon Musk spoke of a new spike of active users on the platform. “Twitter usage continues to grow. One thing is for sure: it’s not boring!” summed up the new CEO. From the billionaire’s point of view, the company’s back-and-forth wobble is seemingly deliberate. Musk says Twitter will be doing a lot of stupid things in the coming months. “We’ll keep what works and change what doesn’t.”

It is not known if the Twitter CEO considers the confusion surrounding the verification code, the “blue tick”, one of those later “stupid things”. However, what is certain is that after the job was submitted, many accounts pretended to be other accounts, and Twitter suddenly had a problem with verified “fake accounts”. Prior to Musk’s takeover, blue hashtags on Twitter were given to celebrities, politicians, businesses, and government institutions after identity verification. However, under the new system, anyone who paid an $8 (€7.85) subscription must receive a sign – without proof of identity.

American comedian Kathy Griffin clearly laid out the problem with this new idea for the Twitter boss: she quickly changed her name to “Elon Musk” – including a blue tick next to the name. Then her Twitter account was suspended Musk personally clarified on Twitter that the sarcastic accounts In the future you will have to use the word “parody” directly in the name – Otherwise, they will be banned without warning. Is the subscription form out of date again? On Friday, users can loudly Forbes In any case, suddenly no longer subscribe to a new subscription.

No blue Twitter? It seems that users can no longer sign up for subscription

Twitter has disabled new signups on its monthly subscription, mentioned Forbes Friday. Apparently, the “blue tick for everyone” feature, which allows users to get a blue verification code without identity verification, is no longer available. She added that the platform itself did not comment on it initially. Originally, it was only possible for users from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to sign up for a ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription.

The sign-up was intended to bring in revenue for the SMS service, because the advertisers’ pullout made things difficult for Twitter, which has put their spending on hold for the time being in trouble. The company’s economic model is 90 percent based on advertising. Experts now expect ad revenue to decline by 39 percent in 2023 and 2024.

Has Twitter already violated an agreement with the US Competition Authority?

The chaos of the past few days even prompted the US Consumer Protection Agency (FTC) (Federal Trade Commission) to issue a rare warning. “We are following the latest developments on Twitter with great concern. “No director or company is above the law,” a spokesperson said. Violations of an agreement with the authority on data security and data protection could result in fines of up to millions.

Friday CNN reported the US Citing legal experts, just two weeks after Musk’s acquisition, Twitter may have already breached its consent agreement with the FTC. It is possible that Twitter did not report a change in the company’s structure to the US Consumer and Competition Authority in time. Musk acquired the company on October 27, and this regulation covers acquisitions and mergers. “We are in an ongoing dialogue with the Federal Trade Commission and will work closely with the agency to ensure our compliance,” Alex Spiro, Musk’s attorney, told CNN Thursday. (bme/dpa)